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My name is Andrew Southall and I am standing for Reform UK in the upcoming General Election for Dudley, formally Dudley North but now incorporating the ward of Pensnett and Brockmoor. Much like you, I want my country back. I want to prise it out of the hands of the woke, globalist establishment and give it back to the citizens of this country. I also want to be a first class representative of Dudley, the town I grew up in. I want to represent you with a loud common sense voice in parliament, and run my constituency office like a business.

A business that puts its customers, the taxpayer and those in genuine need, first. Right now, nobody is getting good service, the mood is rightly demuir if not downright angry. If you elect me, my constituency office will be comprised of local folk who know the area, understand the issues and will deal with the ailments of the day to the best of our ability.

I will be passionate about my job in my constituency office when not causing a fuss in Westminster, and will be at my consituency surgeries in person for you to come and hold me to account. I am in this to fix my town and country, and will respect the public dime as something to be treated sacred. In order to get there to do this for you, I need you to tell your friends and family about Reform UK and vote for me.

I was brought up in Gornal, and went to Dudley college after leaving Ellowes Hall secondary school. I left school right on the cusp of the recession and gained many strings to my bow in what was a very uncertain world. My work experience includes accountancy, barbering, working on priceless supercars, and I am also a qualified telecoms technician.

I have turned my hand to many things in life, and now I turn my hand to give the lying, failing political establishment a well deserved spanking. They deserve it for truly letting us all down. Right now on top of my political campaign I am working towards my AAT book-keeping certificates, as due to the recession I was not quite able to get my certificates because of the redundancies. It has been a torrid time for many the last 15 years+ and it is time for Reform so we can get our country on track.

I will fight for: secure borders, proper healthcare, common sense, children of all backgrounds getting a good education, small to medium enterprise, police and judicial reforms, patriotism, a better deal for pensioners and our veterans, low taxes, wise public spending; small c conservatism, small l libertarianism.

I will fight against: any future lockdowns, the WEF/WHO subverting our national democracy, net zero, any form of a return to the EU, open borders, gender nonseness, and other woke madness.

"Vote REFORM UK at the next general election - let's put the GREAT back into this country."

Dudley Constituency Map

Dudley Constituency Map

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Electorate: 71083


1 Brockmoor and Pensnett

2 Castle and Priory

3 Gornal

4 St James's

5 St Thomas's

6 Sedgley

7 Upper Gornal and Woodsetton

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