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Brought up in Gornal, and going to Dudley College rather than Eton College, I feel that I am best placed to read the mood of the people of Dudley rather than a candidate parachuted in from far away like other parties may well do.

Studying A Levels, my favourite subject being Psychology, and being able to put together a full set of accounts for limited companies in my teenage years, I understand the fine details of how things work.

Having also worked a variety of jobs including being a qualified Telecoms Technician, previously working for an internationally owned service provider, as well as running a business in the automotive trade which was born out of a hobby - I know what it is like for those trying to make ends meet under an umbrella ridden with holes being held above our heads by a government that either does not 'get' the daily obstacles of the everyday person, simply do not care, or worse; enact policy that makes our lives harder.

Passionate about politics and what I believe to be fair, and vocal in my endeavours, I am honoured to represent the area that I grew up in and will do my level best for the people of Dudley.

Dudley Constituency Map

Dudley Constituency Map

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Electorate: 71083


1 Brockmoor and Pensnett

2 Castle and Priory

3 Gornal

4 St James's

5 St Thomas's

6 Sedgley

7 Upper Gornal and Woodsetton

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