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"I have known & worked with Howard over many years. He stands up & fights for what he believes in. Back him & he won't let you down"

Nigel Farage


I have voted Tory for 50 years, but the Conservative (in name only) Party is noPraise For Howard Cox FairFuel Drive Dover and Deal Constituency longer the usual choice for low taxes, a small state, sound defence, effective border control, sensible transport, strong law and order, or even small business support.

The recent transition to Labour by Tory Natalie Elphicke shows not only her betrayal of those voters who put her into the seat but also clearly demonstrates that there is no difference between Labour and Conservative policies.

That is why I’m proud to stand for Reform UK, the only UK political party that champions common sense and puts voters first. And to give you a real choice at the ballot box from the usual parties that continue to fail you.

My parliamentary campaign in Dover and Deal is a collective effort fuelled by the thousands of personal messages I’ve received urging me to stand following my London Mayoral crusade. Supporting my campaigning in the capital secured Reform’s Alex Wilson a place in the Assembly.

I’m a reluctant politician. No, I’ve always been a passionate but objective public affairs campaigner who is not only up-front and honest but very much expressive of the majority opinion at the grassroots level.

My decade-long advocacy through the Campaign has been a testament to my commitment to the public. By successfully lobbying for motorists, bikers, van drivers, cabbies, and truckers, we have saved over £200bn in planned duty and VAT tax hikes since 2010.

Had we not taken action to freeze the Government's fuel tax policies, petrol and diesel prices would have skyrocketed, potentially reaching £1 more per litre. The implications of such high fuel costs would have been severe, with the UK economy plunging into a deep recession, unemployment soaring, inflation skyrocketing, and numerous businesses collapsing. My campaigning has played a crucial role in preventing this scenario and saving motorists significant amounts of money.

Reform UK, a staunch supporter of FairFuelUK, is the only party that pledges to reduce fuel duty by 20p per litre.

I am the only candidate in Dover and Deal with a demonstrable record of helping the economy, reducing inflation, and easing the cost-of-living crisis. And on that basis, I promise absolute dedication to improving the lives of everyone in this proud constituency.

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