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Candidate - Craig Young

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I live in Guildford with my female cocker spaniel, Cleo. I am your Reform UK candidate for Dorking and Horley (Mole Valley). I currently work as an in-house lawyer in the telecoms industry but want to transform the way central government is run.

I do not want my hard-earned taxes wasted on ridiculous policies that never come into effect, like Rwanda, and frivolous government spending.  Every one of my tax pennies must count, unfortunately this and previous governments have failed us; central government wastage is rife and it has to stop.

Reform UK wants to save at least 5p in every pound by reducing government wastage. I want to go further and save 15p in every pound. For every 5p saved, that would mean £50billion per year can be used to reduce the heavy burden we all share on paying taxes and allow for investment in Britain.

The average salary in Mole Valley is £35,240 per year.  By saving government money we can reduce your taxes in Mole Valley. We will increase the minimum threshold from £12,571 p.a. to £20,00 p.a. which would save you £30 per week. We will remove VAT on energy bills saving £100/year per household, remove environmental levies saving £160/year per household, lower fuel duty by 20p/litre saving £240/year per driver, and lower VAT from 20% to 18% saving £300/year per household. We would also free up 1.2 million small and medium sized businesses from paying corporation Tax (over 80% of companies) by lifting the minimum profit threshold to £100,000.

If you’re looking a candidate who will work to allow you to help yourself then I am the candidate for you. Support me, Craig Young, your Reform UK candidate for Mole Valley. If you vote for me, I can bring about the reform in government.

Dorking and Horley Constituency Map

Dorking and Horley Constituency Map

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Electorate: 70317


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2 Horley East & Salfords

3 Horley West & Sidlow

4 Ewhurst & Ellens Green

5 Bookham East & Eastwick Park

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7 Brockham, Betchworth, Buckland, Box Hill

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