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I am honoured to be have been chosen to represent Reform as a parliamentary candidate. I decided to stand as I feel very strongly that the political classes have betrayed the people and no longer represent them.

I come from a working-class family. Born In Glasgow to Scots/Irish parents, my family moved to England to work at British Leyland in 1978 and have resided in Oxfordshire since. Before I had left school, I started a small DIY Cassette label which I funded from various jobs such as window cleaning and delivering papers. That label grew into my main company which has been a significant player in the music industry for 35 years and employs 60+ people. I have also developed three other companies which I have sold and are still well-known brands. I am well-travelled and deal with business contacts all over the world.

Outside of my business life my interests are my family (I live with my partner of eleven years and my two young children), military and political history, music, film, gardening and rugby.

I stood in two elections for UKIP and was elected as a Town Councillor as an Independent in my home town of Wallingford where I sat for five years and achieved success with a cultural project.

We have many challenges facing our nation and the root to most of these challenges lies in controlling immigration. This country cannot be treated as a holiday home for the world. All governments should put its people first. We owe it to our children to do our utmost to ensure a safe society, affordable housing, a properly functioning health system, low taxes, accountable government, to eradicate government waste, and allow for all the equality of opportunity.

As your prospective parliamentary candidate for Reform UK, I invite you to join me in believing in our nation once again. Our story begins with the next generation.

Didcot and Wantage Constituency Map

Didcot and Wantage Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 74356


1 Didcot West

2 Ridgeway

3 Stanford

4 Steventon & the Hanneys

5 Cholsey

6 Didcot North East

7 Didcot South

8 Sandford & the Wittenhams

9 Wallingford

10 Blewbury & Harwell

11 Drayton

12 Sutton Courtenay

13 Grove North

14 Hendreds

15 Wantage & Grove Brook

16 Wantage Charlton

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