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I am a local lad, who has had enough of the status quo: high debt, high migration both legal and illegal, useless public services from our broke NHS to our woke Police who’d rather police words than police crime. My roots in Dewsbury and Batley go back to my who grandmother grew up in Dewsbury with her 8 siblings in poverty, they were abandoned by the government of the time, not knowing when the next meal will come.

I worry that on our current trajectory we are going back to those times all whilst illegal immigrants don’t have to worry about putting bread on the table as they are fully paid for at our expense. The makeup of Dewsbury and Batley has changed a lot since then, but I will do my all to represent all views whether I agree with them or not.

I joined Reform just over a year ago as it was the only political party that was willing to take on the establishment and I haven’t looked back since. Reform UK is the place for me as well as any other disenfranchised voters who have had enough of the mainstream parties and the establishment, who want to see real meaningful change to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for the better.

We at Reform want to make work pay and get people off benefits and into work, nowhere is this more needed than here in Dewsbury and Batley as just under half of our constituents are economically inactive. Therefore, it is vital that there are policies to get them into work, luckily at Reform UK we have those policies of which you will be able to read about on the website.

If elected, I will donate half of my parliamentary salary to local food banks until the people of Dewsbury and Batley no longer have to go hungry, due to the economic policies of the Conservatives and Labour that have left Britain in a heap load of debt which my generation will have to pick up the tab for unless we see some radical change.

I’d also be a champion for local issues fighting tooth and nail for Dewsbury and Batley in Westminster and locally against the Kirklees Council. But I will also fight on a nationwide level for the little guy.

Thank you for reading my bio, if you have any queries, please feel free to email me, any support and/or donations will be much appreciated.

Together, Let’s Make Britain Great.

Dewsbury and Batley Constituency Map

Dewsbury and Batley Constituency Map

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Electorate: 70226


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2 Batley West

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4 Dewsbury South

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6 Kirkburton

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