Reform UK Departmental Team Responsibilities

Richard Tice as Leader will also speak on the subjects of Energy and Foreign Policy.

The team is as follows:

  • Dr David Bull: Deputy Leader and Health
  • Col Frederick Chedham: Defence and National Security
  • Belinda de Lucy: Education and the Family
  • Ben Habib: Brexit and the Union
  • Rupert Lowe: Business and Agriculture
  • June Mummery: Fisheries
  • Alex Phillips: Culture
  • Ann Widdecombe: Immigration and Justice

Mr Tice said,

“I am delighted to announce this strong team of men and women. Their blend of  knowledge, experience, drive and character will help present and develop Reform’s exciting new policies.

As we move forward to our Conference in October we know that a general election may only be a year away. With this team I am confident that Reform UK will be able to stand tall in the debate about the future of our country. We will be able to represent the millions of people who have been let down by the incompetent, corrupt Westminster elites who have failed our country."

Dr David Bull is a qualified doctor, journalist  and TV presenter

Col. Frederick Chedham served in the British Army for 25 years, rising to the rank of Colonel, holding command and staff appointments both in the UK and Internationally.

Belinda de Lucy is a mother, activist, campaigner and regular commentator  on the Family and Education

Ben Habib is a Businessman and campaigner on Northern Ireland, and a highly experienced expert and commentator on all aspects of Brexit

Rupert Lowe is a businessman and farmer who sat on the Budgets and Economic Affairs Committees of the European Parliament.

June Mummery is a former member of the European Parliament’s Fisheries committee and is a long time campaigner for the interests of British fishermen. 

Alex Phillips is a well known TV presenter and journalist and is a former Member of the European Parliament

Ann Widdecombe served as a minister in the Home Office and as Shadow Home Secretary

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