Veterans are some of the nations’ greatest assets, not victims. They have a huge amount to offer. They should be valued, as well as thanked. Our veterans have valuable skills which should be used to their fullest potential after leaving the Armed Forces. Their leadership experience, logistics expertise, discipline, determination and can do attitude is unique.

We must properly look after veterans who have been wounded and those suffering from health issues. Veterans should not be homeless. Access to pensions and grants must be quick and straight forward.

These reforms are the fastest way to solve the Armed Forces recruitment crisis. People want to be part of a great lifelong successful team.

Critical reforms needed in the first 100 days:

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Commence “You serve, You Deserve”.
A fully recognised national rewards and benefits scheme for veterans and families including travel.

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Instigate “Veterans First” priority Status.
For healthcare, housing, training and education, together with support for dependents.

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Preferential Qualification for Key Public Sector Leadership Roles.
Such as Chief Superintendent of Police Forces, CEO / COO roles in hospitals amongst others.


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Take Back Control of Recruitment for Armed Forces.
This has become a crisis due to woeful private sector outsourcing, bureaucracy and incompetence. Veterans can be best motivators for recruiting new people into the armed forces.

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Take Back Control of Military Accommodation.
Poorly run and outsourced property management contracts have failed our armed forces. Thousands of homes are in poor condition or uninhabitable, which is inexcusable.

Department for Veterans Pledges Costs = £1 billion pa


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This proposed contract is deliberately issued as a working draft. We welcome your comments, challenges and queries. The contract will be finalised later in the year. This is what happens in business, and the nation should be run like a lean, efficient business with motivated employees and happy customers.

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