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Candidate - Scott Cameron

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Tel: 07947 122065

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I am the Reform UK candidate for Daventry.

I am standing to represent you in the next General Election on the 4th July. I've lived here for over a decade.

I have a day job. I'm self-employed, I support companies to run factories and help turn around those that are struggling.

I'm not a career politician. I'm just fed up with what things have become.

We have the highest taxes in 70 years, highest spending in 70 years, highest waiting lists at the NHS for 70 years, highest National debt for 70 years and you could all add significantly to that list!

Mid 2022 I joined the Daventry Town Council as a councillor.

(we vote each year to keep the roles un-paid, so more taxpayer money goes to the town).

This year I'll be the deputy Chairman for Finance, Policy and Assets.

I believe we have a good town; I believe we can do better.

Like many of you, we have frustrations with West Northants Council (WNC).

I'd like to work on that.

I don't like the WNC plans to sell off all the green space along Eastern Way and fill it with houses.

I'll fight that.

Nationally, like so many of you I've been ever more frustrated with the state of our "leaders" and how the country and life all around us continues to degrade.

Faced with the Tory tag line of "We've been awful, but Labour will be worse" and Labours "We'll be awful, but at least we're a change from the Tories", I didn't have a vote.

And I thought I can moan about our politicians or I can stand up and try to make a difference.

Reform UK gave me a party with sensible policies that will make a difference and start to to put the people of the UK first.

With your vote, I can make sure all the people in the Daventry Constituency start to be put first.

We have an opportunity in a few weeks to vote for a change from the same old 2 party system.

They are 2 sides to the same overpriced coin and that coin doesn't buy very much anymore.

We need to have the faith to vote differently, and not fall into the same fear they use every election - if you vote differently, you'll get the party you don't want.

I don't want either party. But I want to vote.

If we all vote Reform UK, we can get a new Party, and we can start to turn the country around.

Let’s make Britain Great!

Daventry Constituency Map

Daventry Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 76539


1 Earls Barton

2 Braunston and Crick

3 Brixworth

4 Daventry East

5 Daventry West

6 Long Buckby

7 Moulton

8 Silverstone

9 Woodford and Weedon

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