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I was born and raised in Darlington. I spent my childhood living on Clifton Road and then moved to Geneva Drive, I now live in the Hundens Lane area of Darlington with my wife.

I am an English teacher who has spent over ten years helping children achieve their potential. I have worked at a school in Bishop Auckland as well as a number of other schools in the North of England. I have also been lucky to have taught and lived in other countries, including the USA, Kazakhstan, and South Korea.

I volunteered in orphanages, helping impoverished children take their first steps to a better life. My work is extremely rewarding, and it would take a lot for me to even think about leaving my job, but I can no longer sit silently and watch our country be torn apart by politicians.

I have been an active campaigner in Darlington for many years, knocking on doors and attending events, the majority of people tell me the same thing; “We must stop illegal immigration, they are laughing at us”, “Why are we spending money keeping foreign criminals in this country, why aren’t we deporting them?”, “Why are we giving foreign aid to China and India when people in our country are homeless?” and “Why is my tax going up and the level of services going down?”

I want to be your voice in Parliament, I want the career politicians to know that people are angry and they must listen to you.

I’ve decided to stand in this election because the country we love is in a mess and it is in a mess because of the decisions Labour and the Conservatives have made over the last 30 years. It doesn’t have to be this way, at this election you finally have a choice.

Your views are not wrong, they are held by the majority of people. You know this because you have daily conversations with your friends and neighbours who agree with you.

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