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I first found an interest in politics when the time came to vote for the very first time. Talking to family on who I should vote for all their responses where the same “vote for … our who family has always voted …” I was completely shocked and knew that was not how I was going to do without understanding what a party stands for. That week I did my research and read every single manifesto and chose the party related to my views and goals best.

I got involved in active politics around 2015 where I thought it was my duty to fight for what I believe in.

I have since been working extremely hard to better myself in my career and looking after a family member whist taking a back seat in politics, however I have not been able to sit in the background and watch what’s going on with our great country and the struggles people are going through.

This election gives us the chance to enact real change, to send a powerful message to Westminster. Something I deeply care about is our care system; the NHS needs reform, to cut waiting lists and to provide the best care our talented medical professionals can offer.

To achieve what this country is capable of, we desperately need to stop the boats, something the Tories can't do, and Labour won't do. With immigration at net zero, we can focus on improving things locally, like hiring more police officers, and giving them powers to curb anti-social behaviour, drugs and to put an end to violence against women and girls.

I know that I can fight for you, I hope to earn your vote on 4 July.

Croydon East Constituency Map

Croydon East Constituency Map

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Electorate: 75346


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2 Addiscombe West

3 New Addington North

4 New Addington South

5 Selsdon & Addington Village

6 Selsdon Vale & Forestdale

7 Shirley North

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