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I am not a trained politician.  I am not a trained liar.

I'm a software engineer of nearly 20 years.  I solve complex problems to a deadline and a budget.  I run a team and project.  I've lived in Crawley since 2016 and in nearby Surrey where I grew up before that.  I am a proud father to a son.  I voted Leave in 2016, based on principle.  Every country should be sovereign to determine its own laws and control its borders.  I voted for Boris like so many others, only to be so cruelly betrayed later.  I am done with the two main parties.

My philosophy is to spend your life doing the maximum good you can for your family, community and country.  Quite literally none of us have anything better to do than that.  So here I am, standing as your candidate for Crawley, to do the maximum good.

Crawley Constituency Map

Crawley Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 74446


1 Bewbush & North Broadfield

2 Broadfield

3 Furnace Green

4 Gossops Green & North East Broadfield

5 Ifield

6 Langley Green & Tushmore

7 Maidenbower

8 Northgate & West Green

9 Pound Hill North & Forge Wood

10 Pound Hill South & Worth

11 Southgate

12 Three Bridges

13 Tilgate

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