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I’m not dissimilar to most of you?

I had no experience of political activism and was just happy to leave it to others, until 2016. I campaigned for Brexit and was betrayed by our politicians. I’ve watched this country stumble from crisis to crisis, our career politicians only concerned with themselves, lacking common sense, lacking answers, seemingly unaccountable and with a total disconnect with the population.

Understanding that shouting at the telly wasn’t going to change anything, I decided to stand and serve my local community on behalf of Reform UK.

I was a police officer for 30 years with Northamptonshire Police, in every large town and almost every role. Policing provides experiences and a skill set that equips me to be an effective Member of Parliament. I hold a third Dan black belt in Ju Jitsu and am a qualified personal trainer and used to help run a martial arts club in Northampton.

I’ve lived in Northamptonshire since 1976 and in the constituency for about ten years, with my wife, who is a schoolteacher. We have four children, all of whom were educated in Corby.

At a time when we have the highest taxation since WW2, why are our Public Services and infrastructure in such a poor state?

I too am frustrated that our Health Service is broken, its mismanaged, and for too long has been used as a political football, with the necessary action required to make it a first-class Health Service, put off, for another day. Why can’t I, and many of you, get an NHS Dentist, or an appointment with my GP when I phone up? Why are our elderly treated as commodities and ignored. Reform and I will change this.

Education is a proven way out of poverty, so why shouldn’t we all have the best education, improved facilities, and a safe place to learn? Our nation’s poorly performing schools need the best teachers to educate, motivate and encourage our children that they can succeed. I will fight for our children’s futures and a renewed respect for education.

Our Government and Councils continue to mismanage their finances as it’s easy to spend someone else’s money. We elect those who decide how those taxes are spent, its only right that we, the Public, hold them to account how they spend our money. I will hold them to account.

Increasing Illegal and uncontrolled immigration are having an adverse impact on this country and its infrastructure. An increase of over 10 million people since 2001, resulting in not enough housing, accommodation provided to migrants ahead of vulnerable British people, not able to get a dentist or medical treatment on the NHS, lack of local school places, drain on the Exchequer, increased taxation, and our roads are full of potholes.  Reform is the only party that has said it will stop the boats, we have a plan that involves putting the British People at the centre of everything.

Policing and Justice is close to my heart. Do you feel safe in your home or going to the shop? Criminals, and the louts, no longer fear being caught, they no longer fear the Police, they no longer fear being punished, they no longer feel community condemnation and they no longer fear Justice. Our Police Leadership need to get a grip on crimes that impact society, they need to be impartial, and our Justice system needs to speed up and get tough on criminals, if we need more jails, build them.

I will be tough on criminals and those in the Justice system who fail to share this vision. Justice should be swift and fair, with the victim at the heart of it. I will push for early guilty admissions to be dealt with by the Courts on the day of charge. Trials will be heard even if the defendant fails to turn up to frustrate Justice, this will ensure that Justice is swift, and the victim and witnesses are considered.

We also need to invest in our youth, diverting them from a life of crime, and to encourage and support our community in challenging this behaviour. It requires a holistic approach with the involvement of local employers, developers, etc.

I want people to be rewarded for their hard work, financial prudence, and social responsibility. It’s my belief that everyone should contribute to their community to the best of their abilities.

The challenges facing us are many, and doing the same things, which aren’t working again and again, can only be described as stupid and pointless. It’s time for change, it’s time for Reform.

Do you want a Public Servant that you can trust to make real change?

Corby and East Northamptonshire Constituency Map

Corby and East Northamptonshire Constituency Map

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