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I have lived in clacton for several years. I Spent lots of time here growing up with weekend caravans at point clear and Jaywick. I Always dreamed of living by the sea in Clacton and was lucky enough to be able to buy a house here in semi retirement. I grew up in East London, Bethnal green. I was a black cab driver from my early Twenties to 40. Then went on to study and qualify as an integrative psychotherapist and set up practice several years ago. I am a father and grandfather. The reason I am in politics is because I want my children and my grandchildren to grow up in a free, democratic, common sense country like the U.K used to be.

Since 1997 successive Labour, Conservative And Lib Dem govts have brought this country to the point of ruin. To the point where ordinary professional people like myself can no longer stand by and watch this destruction by the Westminster elite. That is why I joined and will stand in Clacton to save the constituents and the country from more destruction.

Clacton is a wonderful place with some absolutely idyllic areas. But it's not without its problems with poverty and poor quality areas. It has been continually starved of investment services and infrastructure by local Conservative govt over the last decade. Being in the psychological field myself I founded and am director of the clacton coastal mental wellbeing charity, which aims to help people with psychological difficulties immediately rather than waiting up to a year on the NHS.

I am involved in local projects and support local people and businesses in the area. I and many many others I meet daily in Clacton have been poorly represented by Giles Wattling M.P Who even his local Conservative constituency party don't want.

Things have to change, we must do all we can to save the U.K from its demise under the Conservatives and Labour.

High taxes, high immigration, a breakdown in law and order and culture, lowest growth in decades, shortages in all our social services, education becoming indoctrination.

Woke ideology, discrimination against the people of Britain in favour of foreign arrivals or minorities ESG EDI. These are the issues that are important to people and these are the issues I will work tirelessly to fix.

I respect what generations before us fought for; A future Britain for our children to be proud of. Don't give up, Vote Reform UK 

In Clacton, Vote Anthony ( Tony ) Mack #votetonymack

Clacton Constituency Map

Clacton Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 75959


1 Bluehouse

2 Burrsville

3 Cann Hall

4 Coppins

5 Eastcliff

6 Frinton

7 Homelands

8 Kirby Cross

9 Kirby-le-Soken & Hamford

10 Little Clacton

11 Pier

12 St. Bartholomew’s

13 St. James

14 St. John’s

15 St. Osyth

16 St. Paul’s

17 The Bentleys & Frating

18 The Oakleys & Wix

19 Thorpe, Beaumont & Great Holland

20 Walton

21 Weeley & Tendring

22 West Clacton & Jaywick Sands

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