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My name is Teresa De Santis, I am honoured to have been selected to be the Reform UK, PPC at the upcoming general election for Chichester. I was born in the United States and moved to the UK in 1981. Whilst raising my son as a single parent I worked across a variety of high performing and dynamic industries. I was manager for both UK and Norway for the French toiletries company L’ Herbier de Provence.

I moved from retail into media as Business Development Manager for Humana international headhunting at executive level across UK & Europe during the dotcom boom for the telecom industry. My husband Matt and I changed our careers totally in 2004 when we fell in love with a Riverside pub. We still own the pub as semi-retired publicans, we moved to the Chichester area 10 years ago and have spent most of our time renovating our home and enjoying all this coastal area has to offer.

I am not a politician. I joined the Brexit party in 2016 and campaigned tirelessly for them all over the country. I stood as a Brexit Party PPC for Chichester until we were asked to stand down in order for Boris Johnson to pull the wool over our eyes. For the past seven years I have watched in horror as all Brexit opportunities voted for by 17.4 million people have been neglected and purposely undermined.

I’m not afraid to challenge the mediocrity in Westminster and will fight for Chichester‘s voice in Parliament. This is a once in a lifetime vote to save Great Britain. The Conservatives have taken us to financial collapse, public services, energy and health sectors are in severe crisis. We are facing global conflict and our armed forces are at breaking point. We rely on the French providing us energy while the French rely on us taking care of their excess immigration at a huge cost, not only financially but socially and culturally.

The Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats have no idea how to govern, they all want to drag us back into the EU where everything would be done for them. We would again be dictated to by unelected bureaucrats at a huge cost. The Liberal Democrats would take us into the single market. The Reform Party have put together a team of astute business candidates. We are not career politicians, most are capable business people with proven track records.

Reform will rebuild Great Britain by investing in industry like the British steel we were once so proud of, nuclear reactors & improving the grid. Reform will scrap HS2 saving £25+ billion, scrap Net Zero & also invest in our armed forces. These are just a few reasons why I am standing in Chichester for Reform.

Reform UK will secure Britain’s future as a free, proud and independent sovereign nation. If you live in the Chichester area and you have time to volunteer to help us campaign in this next very important general election, please contact us by email. I Look forward to meeting you soon.

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Chichester Constituency Map

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