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I'm 33, ex-forces, a small business owner and have three children all under five years old. I have strong ties to my beloved Derbyshire and Chesterfield. It is the greatest of all honours to stand and represent Chesterfield and its wonderful people as their PPC candidate for Reform UK.

Being ex-military, I'm used to carrying out orders to the letter. If elected I'll carry out the orders of the constituents of Chesterfield, as your voice in Parliament! Being a businessman, I'm used to growing something from nothing with limited finances, no government backing, going against bigger and better-equipped, better manned, more established competition, yet consistently doing well. Voting for me will mean you get a public servant who is disciplined, dedicated, loyal, will put Chesterfield first and above all will not waste taxpayers' money on idol projects.

Being a small business owner, a father and an ex-military man, I share your concerns acutely. I too struggle to pay my rent, my council tax, or that yearly MOT for the family car. And like you, I'm seeing the cost of my family food shopping rise and rise. Enough is enough. The cost of living has not stopped going up and the state of the nation is a joke. Vote for me and I promise to dedicate myself to sorting out Chesterfield's issues. I'm your very humble servant.

Chesterfield Constituency Map

Chesterfield Constituency Map

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Electorate: 70722


1 Brampton East & Boythorpe

2 Brampton West & Loundsley Green

3 Brimington North

4 Brimington South

5 Brockwell

6 Dunston

7 Hasland

8 Linacre

9 Rother

10 Spire

11 Staveley Central

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13 Walton

14 Whittington

15 Whittington Moor

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