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In 1993, I read the Maastricht Treaty and the Treaty of Rome. Alarmed by their vision, which reminded me of other European dictatorships, I decided to stand up and be counted. I stood for the Referendum Party in Romford in the 1997 election, and again in the 2001 election. My passion for ensuring that the UK's sovereignty was preserved was the driving force behind my early political involvement.

After joining the police force, I was unable to actively participate in politics, but my commitment to public service remained unwavering. In 2013, I left the police force and became active with UKIP. In 2014, I was elected as a councillor and proudly served as Deputy Mayor in 2015-16. In the 2019 election, I stood for the Brexit Party in Manchester, continuing my fight for UK independence and political reform.

Today, I am pleased and honoured to stand in Carlisle, representing all those who desire meaningful political change. My extensive background in law enforcement and public service equips me with the experience and dedication needed to advocate for our community.

Local issues and plans

  • Housing and infrastructure Addressing the pressures of a growing population on local housing, ensuring affordable and quality housing for all, and improving infrastructure to support sustainable growth.
  • Healthcare Improving access to NHS appointments and GP surgeries, ensuring our healthcare system meets the needs of our community.
  • Roads and transportation Enhancing road maintenance, tackling potholes, and improving public transportation to ensure safer and more efficient travel.
  • Energy security Supporting the nuclear industry in Cumbria, including Sellafield, to ensure a stable and reliable energy supply, reduce reliance on imported energy, and create high-quality local jobs.

Additional info about Carlisle

Carlisle is a vibrant city with a rich history and a diverse community. As we face the challenges of the future, it is crucial to have leadership that understands the local issues and is committed to addressing them. I am dedicated to working with the people of Carlisle to create a better, more prosperous future for all.

Addressing the strain on Carlisle’s infrastructure

As we navigate the complexities of our current national landscape, it’s evident that the challenges faced by local communities like Carlisle are significant and growing. Recent data highlights several pressing issues:

Growing population and immigration

Carlisle has experienced a population growth of 2.3% over the past decade, according to the 2021 Census by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This growth, partly driven by immigration, has put a substantial strain on our local infrastructure. The increased demand for housing, healthcare, and other essential services is palpable.

Unemployment rates

Unemployment remains a concern in Carlisle, with the local job market struggling to keep pace with the growing population. According to the latest figures from the ONS, the unemployment rate in the area underscores the urgent need for effective economic policies and job creation initiatives.

Impact on local services

  1. Housing The rising population has intensified competition for housing, driving up rents and making it more challenging for residents to find affordable homes.
  2. Healthcare NHS appointments and GP surgeries are under significant pressure, leading to longer waiting times and reduced accessibility to healthcare services.
  3. Education Local schools are facing increased enrolment, straining resources and affecting the quality of education.
  4. Infrastructure Roads and public transport systems are struggling to cope with the additional load, resulting in congestion and deterioration of services.

The role of government

Successive governments have largely ignored the cumulative impact of these pressures on local communities. While large energy corporations report record profits, local services are stretched thin, and many residents find themselves struggling to afford basic necessities. This imbalance is unacceptable and calls for a comprehensive approach to policy reform.

Our Commitment

As your Reform Party candidate, I am dedicated to addressing these issues through strategic planning and investment in local infrastructure. Our policies will focus on:

  • Controlled Immigration Implementing fair and sustainable immigration policies that consider the capacity of local services and infrastructure.
  • Economic Growth Promoting job creation and supporting local businesses to reduce unemployment.
  • Infrastructure Investment Enhancing housing, healthcare, education, and transportation to meet the needs of our growing community.
  • Energy Security Supporting the nuclear industry in Cumbria to ensure a stable energy supply and create high-quality jobs.

Together, we can build a Carlisle that is resilient, prosperous and prepared for the future. It’s time for a government that takes these challenges seriously and works diligently to address them.


  • Office for National Statistics, Census 2021: Carlisle population change
  • GOV.UK, Immigration statistics

Let’s work together to bring about the positive changes Carlisle needs.

Carlisle Constituency Map

Carlisle Constituency Map

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