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I grew up and went to school in Cardiff, I’m 52 and have been lucky to have had a very varied working life and career. I joined the Royal Navy in 1990, quickly realising that I wanted to be the best that I could, so I joined the Submarine service in which I served for 11 years. Whilst in service I volunteered to take part in the toughest team competition in the world, the Royal Navy Field Gun Competition. After many years of competition, and inevitably, injuries, I was medically discharged from service.

With my maritime engineering experience, I moved to Dubai to become a ship repair manager, project managing the fixing, rebuilding and dry docking of some of the largest vessels that sail our seas, including rigs and offshore platforms. I have since set up quite a few businesses in the hospitality industry, until I retired in 2023.

Though I am not married, I am a family man with a 14-year-old son.

I am a wholehearted supporter of Reform UK, if elected naturally the policies closest to my heart would be those dealing with the Armed Services. However, for Wales and the UK, the policy I feel is imminently important is immigration. The situation we find ourselves in at present is totally unacceptable, and must change.

The societally and financial as a nation we cannot continue down the track that we are going. A track built by both Labour and the Tories.

I believe the biggest issue facing Wales at present is social care. It is not being tackled with a common-sense approach. Right now, the waste in the system is impossible to sustain and needs to change. This needs to be looked at with a complete turnkey approach from top to bottom, a clear structure needs to be put in place to make this work. Having addressed this, it will make a massive impact on the NHS in general releasing patients back into familiar surroundings, therefore improving outcomes and reducing waiting times for other needy patients.

As a candidate I do not want to enter into a punch and Judy battle with other parties. I'd rather use my energy to listen to the concerns of my constituents and furnish them with practical and achievable solutions to their problems. I cannot and will not promise the earth, but my career in service does, I hope, mean that I can be trusted to serve my community again.

Let’s make a change, it is my passion to do so.

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1 Butetown

2 Cathays

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4 Splott

5 Cornerswell

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8 Plymouth

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