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My name is Josh. I live in the Caerphilly constituency and work as a secondary school teacher, a role I deeply enjoy. As a proud UK citizen who has chosen to live, work, and raise my family in Wales, I consider this country the best in the world.

Like many, I would prefer to live a quiet life. However, the recent news of approximately 700,000 net migrants to the UK for the second consecutive year has compelled me to act. This situation poses significant challenges for the working class, who face increased competition for low-skilled jobs, and for young people struggling to find affordable housing. Meanwhile, big businesses profit from a surplus of cheap labour.

The only party addressing these concerns is Reform.

We need tighter immigration controls. This is not about racism; it’s about practicality. Immigrants, regardless of their background, require housing, healthcare, and public services. Currently, there simply aren’t enough resources to go around. This is a local issue for Caerphilly as well: money the Treasury spends on dealing with the effects of mass immigration means less funding for Wales and Caerphilly. Our families and fellow citizens must take priority.

Even as a reserved and polite Briton, there comes a time when one must take a stand for family and country. That time is now. Having experienced different cultures, I can confidently say that British culture, with its democratic values, equal rights for women, and freedom of speech and religion, is worth protecting and fighting for.

Apart from mass immigration, my other areas of concern include:

  • Children’s mental health and attention spans are declining. Sociologists have found this is linked to the rise in social media use. Reform is rightly pushing for app-restricted smartphones for our children.
  • Renewables are not a reliable source of energy (the wind doesn’t always blow). Nuclear is a safe & reliable source of energy (France with dozens of nuclear reactors has had zero nuclear energy-related fatalities - ever). Reform rightly call for the rolling out of UK-made Small Modular Reactors.

After 25 years of Labour power in Wales, it’s clear they've failed us. They've taken your votes for granted and hold us in contempt. Consider:

  • Welsh Labour imposing their candidate on Caerphilly without consulting the local party.
  • Vaughan Gething clinging onto power despite losing a vote of confidence.
  • The blanket 20mph speed limit – a costly policy that no one asked for.

If you’re angry, you have every right to be. Together, we can create a political earthquake. Every vote counts. Every vote for me and Reform sends a message to Westminster: we demand significant cuts to mass immigration.

Vote Reform on July 4th!

Thank you for your support.

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Electorate: 70,954


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