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It is a great honour to have been chosen as Reform UK’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Constituency of Burton and Uttoxeter.

I was born in Reading, however I started school in the French-speaking part of Belgium, because my father’s job took us there.  I went to the local state primary school and learnt to read, write, and arithmetic in French, alongside my Belgian classmates. In 1979 we moved back to England and I completed my scholarity in the local primary and comprehensive schools. At university I read Chemical Engineering, and I have worked as a Chemical Engineer throughout my whole career. This has included living and working in France and the Netherlands, as well as work in the Republic of Ireland and Sweden. Since 2019 I have run my own engineering consulting business.

I am happily married to my wonderful wife, we have three beautiful children plus two fantastic cats. We live in Barton under Needwood in the adjoining constituency of Lichfield. Our youngest was born in 2016 in Queen’s Hospital in Burton. All our children attend the local primary and comprehensive schools in Barton. I am a confirmed member of the Church of England and worship regularly at St James in Barton.

I have always been proud to be English and British, and have been concerned over the future of our beloved country throughout my life. In the 2010, 2015 and 2017 general elections I stood in the Constituency of North East Derbyshire as the UKIP candidate. In the 2016 Referendum I campaigned extensively for Leave.

My motivation for standing in the General Election is to provide the good people of Burton and Uttoxeter with the opportunity to vote for a Reform UK candidate. The Conservative government has betrayed the British people on immigration.  In 2022 alone, over 1.2 million newcomers settled in the United Kingdom.

The Conservative government has also presided over an explosion in energy, housing and food prices, a national debt that since 2010 has trebled, an NHS that costs over £500m a day but which can’t provide timely GP appointments, taxation at a 70-year high, the HS2 mega-money pit and an army smaller than at any time in the last 200 hundred years. Not forgetting the boats invasion across the English Channel, which the Conservative government encourages by picking up the illegal migrants mid-Channel and ferrying them to our shores, rather than simply returning them to French ones, as Reform UK would.

I hope very much that the patriotic residents of the Burton and Uttoxeter constituency will give thought to lending their votes to me, their Reform UK candidate, in the General Election on 4th July.  Reform UK will implement a “one in, one out” immigration policy, and focus instead on rebuilding and expanding our manufacturing industries, and supporting our farmers. Reform UK will raise the tax thresholds to help the low paid and get more British people back to work.  Reform UK will end the IR35 persecution of the self-employed and reduce rates on high street businesses. Reform UK will focus on producing cheap, affordable, Sovereign British energy for consumers and our industry.

This means fracking and rolling out at pace the Small Modular Nuclear Reactors that Derby-based Rolls Royce have developed.  Reform UK will actively support our car manufacturers such as Toyota up the road in Burnaston, instead of banning the sale of the cars they produce.

Please get in contact with me by email (above) if you would like to help in any way or share with me your thoughts on how Reform UK could promote the wellbeing of Burton and Uttoxeter and its residents and businesses.

Burton and Uttoxeter Constituency Map

Burton and Uttoxeter Constituency Map

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