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The people of Broxtowe have a clear choice at the general election on July 4th. They can either vote to prolong the dying two-party system that has taken them for granted for decades, or they can make their vote actually count towards meaningful change by voting for the only party that dreams of a prosperous, safe, and successful Britain: Reform UK.

My name is Joseph, I’ve been a part of the local community for nearly a year now - long before I planned to run as an MP - and I’m running to be Broxtowe’s community champion in Parliament for Reform UK.

This election is the best opportunity Broxtowe and Britain have had in decades - perhaps even centuries - to lead a citizen-led democratic revolt against the useless party placemen that have been failing us for so long in Westminster. In this election, there is no real difference between the two traditional main parties. With them, you have a choice between unsustainable levels of (often illegal) net migration; fewer freedoms and ludicrously high taxes in blue, or the exact same in red.

This means that for the first time in decades, there is an opportunity to change the Westminster political system, despite the unfair FPTP electoral system, because the “Conservatives” have lost the legitimacy of their classic attack line “Vote Reform, get Labour”. After 14 years of “Conservative” Government, voters have woken up to the fact that the Tories are not just indistinguishable from Labour - but are even worse.

Labour’s response to Tory incompetence is to keep a low profile and let the Tories do their job for them, without demonstrating that they are ready to lead the country. They don’t have a coherent plan for Broxtowe or our nation because they wrongly believe they are entitled to your vote - just because they have slightly more credibility than a party that has broken all of their promises to the British people.

The alternative to this endless cycle of failure is a vote for Reform UK. A vote for Reform UK stands for real change and common sense. Reform UK’s ambitious plan for the country will:

Make work pay: Reform UK will increase the personal allowance to £20,000, saving every worker £1500; abolish business rates for small high street businesses and reform the benefit system to get 1 million people back in work.

Fix the NHS: Reform UK will eliminate NHS waiting lists within two years by freezing the basic rate tax on NHS and social care staff for 3 years; end the training cap on medical students and stop brain drain by writing off the student debt of medical students who work in our NHS for 10 years.

Secure our future: Our infrastructure simply cannot handle any more positive net migration. Competition for housing means prices have risen dramatically, making it impossible for young working-class and even middle-income households to get on the housing ladder. Additionally, our district’s infrastructure has a very finite capacity for new housing. The best way to solve this crisis, further reduce NHS waiting lists, and protect access to public services is Reform UK’s plan to freeze net migration for at least 5 years.

Our opponents will try to claim this policy is based on absurd claims of “racism” when in reality this policy is based on pragmatism and undeniable reality. After 14 years of broken Tory promises, we do not have the infrastructure or capacity for positive net migration in Broxtowe. It won’t stop everyone from coming to the country, it just means that we operate a reasonable and sensible one in, one out immigration policy.

There is so much more too - you can read about additional policies and our full funding plan at

Broxtowe deserves to have a bold representative returned to parliament to get results. I’m the only local candidate in this election with any chance of winning. I know the local community and I’ve spent well over £1000 of my own money supporting local businesses in Broxtowe. From crime to the cost of living, I understand firsthand the difficulties faced by residents in our area. I’ve previously worked in two key sectors: teaching and hospitality. Furthermore, I have experience volunteering as a Cub Scout leader, and as a camp and residential leader for various educational groups.

Broxtowe has an opportunity for a new start on the 4th of July. Make no mistake, we can win here, but we can only win with your support. Put an X next to Joseph on July 4th to change Broxtowe and the whole country for the better.

P.S. Email [email protected] to help contribute to the campaign, your help is urgently needed if we want to capitalise on this winning opportunity.

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Broxtowe Constituency Map

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