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I am standing to represent you in the next General Election on the 4th July. I was born in Bromsgrove and having lived in Solihull for a number of years, two years ago made the move back to the Bromsgrove area and am now incredibly proud to call this place home.

I have become disillusioned with our politicians in Westminster.  I strongly believe that their values, priorities and opinions bear no resemblance to the people living and working in our part of Worcestershire.

I'm not a career politician. I'm just fed up with what things have become. The Conservatives have damaged this country, many things are hidden by Wokeism & the push for Diversity & Inclusion, both have pushed the pendulum as far to the left as possible, thankfully people are waking up from the fear of speaking out and are now listening to Reform UK, the only voice of reason.

We have the highest taxes in 70 years, highest spending in 70 years, highest waiting lists at the NHS for 70 years, highest National debt for 70 years and you could all add significantly to that list!

I am standing to encourage a return of common sense.  The last few years have seen a progression of issues that are impossible to ignore.

  • Gridlock on the roads with uncoordinated roadworks
  • Town centre shops and offices left empty
  • New housing schemes without the necessary additional infrastructure such as schools and doctors.
  • Taxes rising without any plan to reduce government wasteful spending
  • Public services strained due to uncontrolled immigration

These problems are solvable and the time is up for those responsible to stand aside.

I don’t believe all is lost, despite what we constantly hear.  With grit, clear thinking and positive energy we can undo the damage that has been inflicted on us by the incompetence of our current leaders.

Bromsgrove Constituency Map

Bromsgrove Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 75305


1 Belbroughton and Romsley

2 Catshill South

3 Cofton

4 Hagley East

5 Hollywood

6 Lickey Hills

7 Marlbrook

8 Perryfields

9 Tardebigge

10 Wythall East

11 Alvechurch Village

12 Barnt Green and Hopwood

13 Catshill North

14 Drakes Cross

15 Hagley West

16 Wythall West

17 Aston Fields

18 Charford

19 Hill Top

20 Rock Hill

21 Rubery North

22 Rubery South

23 Sanders Park

24 Sidemoor

25 Avoncroft

26 Bromsgrove Central

27 Lowes Hill

28 Norton

29 Slideslow

30 Alvechurch South

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