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The constituency of Bromley & Biggin Hill is a good place to live but due to a managed decline in public services and in the safety of residents it could be much better.

As the majority of civic work I have been involved with has related to policing and planning, I’ll briefly comment on these subjects.

Recently I’ve had local parents state that they are resigned to the fact that at some point their children will be robbed of their phones at knifepoint. I refuse to accept this as the new norm, we need zero tolerance on knife crime. We need a greater number of police officers and greater visibility of these officers in public.

The removal of wokeness from the police force and a re-calibration of their priorities is paramount. No more ‘thought policing’, no more time wasting on supposed hate crimes for mis-gendering, no more trolling of social media looking for ‘no crime, hate crimes’. We are facing serious social discontent and we need a strong and respected police force to show what is acceptable and to keep us safe. A lean towards proper old school policing is required.

When it comes to planning issues, I’ve determined that the Tory party tends to favour developers over the will of the local residents and the Labour party tends to stifle business. I envisage a balance somewhere in the middle where all should benefit from new developments, especially when it comes to affordable housing. Affordable housing needs to be sustainable, not on the green belt and not suppressed by the absurd charge to Net Zero. It should be the norm for new developments and not just a small percentage used as a box ticking exercise for developers to get around legislation.

I am standing for Reform UK as it is the only Party which represents the man in the street. Reform UK’s policies are founded on common sense, free from the restrictions imposed by a left or right political ideology. A party that champions British family values, safeguards our history, our heritage and culture. The only party that puts the UK and its citizens first.

Bromley and Biggin Hill Constituency Map

Bromley and Biggin Hill Constituency Map

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2 Biggin Hill

3 Bromley Common & Holwood

4 Bromley Town

5 Darwin

6 Hayes & Coney Hall

7 Petts Wood & Knoll

8 Plaistow

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