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With the upcoming General Election and your readers beginning to consider the decision they will make on that day, this letter focuses not on the policy of Reform UK, but on the man who will be standing as their candidate in Broadland and Fakenham.

I have always lived in our wonderful county, although my work has taken me elsewhere. Norfolk is where I raised a family, and despite not always being able to be home in the early days due to work commitments, the benefits of rural Norfolk life for my family outweighed the convenience of city living and easy access to the motorway system.

My work has taken me to many countries, some quite challenging, but faith has been a source of strength in times of difficulty. Fortunately, today my life is more stable, and I cherish my home life with my wife who has worked in a children's nursery for 36 years, finding it incredibly rewarding to see generations grow up within the same industry.

The question that I believe most of your readers would want to ask is why I have decided to stand for selection in the next General Election. The reason is simple – I am concerned for my grandchildren and their prospects. Over the last 50 years, our government has focused only on short-term goals, leaving others to deal with the consequences of their actions. Issues such as the budget deficit, energy, housing, the NHS, defence, immigration, and more have been neglected, with no government fully addressing these challenges regardless of how long they are in power.

But this bureaucratic governmental neglect has filtered its down into our local government and the services offered and maintained by them, Planning, roads, road safety and Flooding again only to name a few

It is this short-sighted approach in Westminster that has led me to stand for election. The decisions being made now or proposed as alternatives could have a detrimental impact on the next generation, potentially turning us into a third-world nation stripped of valuable assets.

A future where the population reaches 100 million, with a high unemployment rate among university graduates due to advancements in technology, and those who do work are pushed into poverty due to supporting a benefit culture.

Our country will not remain the Great Britain we once knew, nor will it uphold its Christian values. Therefore, I believe we need a change in direction before the short-sightedness of traditional tax-and-spend parties or the reckless actions of the Tories and Labour lead us into an uncertain future. It is important to realise that there are more than just two options; the choice lies with you and not with what the media or political parties dictate.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and if you wish to join me on this journey, you can easily find me in your community or online.

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Broadland and Fakenham constituency map

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