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I’m a recently-retired Electrical Engineer with a long career at British industrial companies in Bristol and around the country. I was born in North-East Bristol, have lived in Easton, Eastville, and Fishponds where I now live. I'm married with one daughter, and have many interests including singing, cycling, motorbikes, and old British cars.

I’m standing for parliament because I am appalled at how badly Broken Britain is being run and I want to see the whole of government reformed. We have a non-functioning political system that has become remote and disconnected from ordinary people, and seems to be run by an elite managerial class who despise us and disrespect our own needs and cares.

Something needs to change. Only a political revolution will do it, and only Reform UK is interested in making that happen.


Britain has always welcomed people from other lands, races, and cultures and has benefitted from that over the centuries. But immigration has grown too fast in the last decade and far beyond what the country can cope with. Over one million immigrants arrived here last year and another million and more will come this year. Where will they live? The government hasn’t built enough new houses for them or hired enough new doctors or dentists.

Where will they get health care – and where will you?

It cannot go on. Annual immigration must be cut down from a million to a few thousand and only Reform UK do this, because all the others want it to continue.


Tories have followed Labour in raising taxation to an all-time high, and everyone pays it. Adults pay for energy, children pay VAT on sweets, the retired pay it on their workplace pensions and the dead face inheritance tax.

Taxation is high because the government does too much, and what it does, it does badly. They interfere with everything and make a mess of everything. If you want lower taxation, so you can choose how you spend your own money, the government has to spend less. That means fewer civil servants, fewer departments, and fewer quangos.
Only Reform UK will do this. Every other party loves the Big State.

Broken Britain

I can list lots of other things wrong with Broken Britain today and so can you, but none of them will be reformed unless you vote for reform, because none of the other parties really want change. They like things the way they are and only tinker round the edges – but things are too badly broken for tinkering to help.

So please stop voting for a party because you always have done, please stop voting for whichever party you think is the least-worst, and vote instead for something you can honestly believe in.Vote Reform UK. You know reform is needed – vote for it.

Bristol North East Constituency Map

Bristol North East Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 69793


1 Eastville

2 Frome Vale

3 Hillfields

4 Lockleaze

5 Kingswood

6 New Cheltenham

7 Staple Hill & Mangotsfield

8 Woodstock

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