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I have lived in Brentwood most of my life, having moved here with my parents as a very young child

I have always voted, but over the last few years I have become increasingly disillusioned with the incompetence, lies, and broken promises of the prevailing government, and the current party of opposition just offers more of the same. Britain deserves better. Reform UK offer a proper genuine alternative to the current two-party system.

I believe that Britain cannot sustain the massive immigration numbers that we have seen over the last few years. I believe that the race towards net zero is hitting the poorest in society first and ultimately will lead to us all being colder and poorer. I believe in a low regulation low taxation economy that encourages free market economics, in a society where the rights of criminals do not trump the rights of victims, and where children should be protected and the elderly respected.

We managed to find £37 billion to pay for a failed test track and trace system during Covid, yet fail to adequately fund our NHS, Social Care, Education or Criminal Justice system. Taxation is the highest it has been in over 70 years, and government overreach is out of control. This is all wrong. Westminster seems to have forgotten that the government exists because of the people; the people do not exist because of the government.

When I discovered Reform UK, I found a party that shared many of my views. Standing as a political candidate was never on my “to do” list, but circumstances change.

I applied and was accepted to stand for Reform UK at the next General Election, giving the people of Brentwood and Ongar an alternative to the current two-party system. It’s time for people to stop voting for the least worst option, and start voting for what they believe in.

Brentwood and Ongar Constituency Map

Brentwood and Ongar constituency map

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Electorate: 74937


1 Brentwood North

2 Brentwood South

3 Brentwood West

4 Brizes and Doddinghurst

5 Herongate, Ingrave and West Horndon

6 Hutton Central

7 Hutton East

8 Hutton North

9 Hutton South

10 Ingatestone, Fryerning and Mountnessing

11 Pilgrims Hatch

12 Shenfield

13 South Weald

14 Tipps Cross

15 Warley

16 Chipping Ongar, Greensted and Marden Ash

17 High Ongar, Willingale and The Rodings

18 Lambourne

19 North Weald Bassett

20 Passingford

21 Shelley

22 Moreton and Fyfield

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