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My name is Richard Hainsworth and I am the Reform UK Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the Bradford South Constituency. 

I have lived in Bradford all my life and have seen the gradual deterioration of our city and indeed our country especially over the last 25 years.

My career has involved 20 years in the motor trade followed by 20 years in a specialist Tax Insurance field. 

Like many I have become more and more frustrated by the complete lack of desire and duty by our existing MP’s. They have let us all down.

I believe it is the duty of an MP to guarantee the freedom and safety of their constituents and our country before anything else.  

What would my priorities be?

  • Stop illegal immigration.

There are currently tens of thousands of people in our country of whom we have no record. This is a danger to the fabric of our society.  

  • Reduce legal immigration to net zero.    

The last published figures stated that over 1 million people arrived in this country via a legal route last year. This must reduce immediately to be no more than the number of people emigrating. This step would immediately reduce the pressure on our valued services. 

  • Sort out our energy crisis.

If we start to use our resources, we would have more control on costs. Profits would remain in the UK rather than being sent aboard. Our carbon footprint would also vastly reduce. Imagine our energy being owned 50/50 by us (the government and our pension funds.)

  • Repeal all Clean Air Zone legislation.

These powers are simply revenue raising powers and are doing nothing to change the air quality. 

  • Lower taxes.

Introduce a fair tax system which makes work pay.

  • Overhaul the welfare system.

The greatest cost to our economy is our welfare system. The current system needs overhauling whereby we look after the vulnerable. It should be used as a safety net not a lifestyle choice.

  • Ensure that public employees deliver what the country requires of them.

There is enough money in our economy to ensure that our citizens are safe and protected. 

It is how and where your money is spent that matters.

Only Reform UK can offer a real alternative and a clear vision of our future. 

I believe our values mirror the majority of the citizens of the United Kingdom.

I will fight for you to uphold those values.

Bradford South Constituency Map

Bradford South Constituency Map

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Electorate: 70890


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