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Thank you for taking the time to visit this page.

Like me it shows you are interested in the present and future political landscape and want to make informed choices on 4 July. I didn’t put my name forward to be considered as the Reform Parliamentary Candidate without serious consideration to what the Party and I, if elected, could deliver for the communities we serve.

A major part of this consideration was recognising and understanding what issues and challenges are being faced by families, individuals and businesses and what needs to be done to address them. As a local family man and business owner, living and employing people in the constituency, I am in a privileged position to have the opportunity to connect with pretty much every demographic and to share our common concerns and indeed aspirations. Having been elected twice as a Borough and Town councillor, in Bracknell, I am realistic about what can be achieved with proper planning, hard work and collaboration. I won’t make promises that I don’t believe are achievable. I will prioritise what needs to be done and I will make sure your views are represented and where possible, addressed so there is the opportunity for real benefit and change.

Whether you are a teenager looking for work that plays to your skills, or a 1950’s woman struggling due to pension changes you were not aware of, I will fight your cause. Whether you are a parent struggling to find affordable accessible childcare, or a business owner having to pay unnecessary charges and fees to keep up with legislation changes, I will fight for you.

So why should you trust me as your voice in Parliament?

I would hope my background speaks for itself.  I’ve enjoyed a successful and diverse career including serving as a Senior Fire Officer, Magistrate (Justice of the Peace) and currently a long-standing local business owner. This isn’t about me though. It is about what I can do for you, given the opportunity and this will always be my priority.

I touched on being a local politician and was Chairman of the Adult Social Care Scrutiny Panel (Borough) and Chairman of the Environmental Services Committee (Town) and under my watch we were able to make some ‘significant’ and long-lasting ‘positive’ changes and routinely held the people who are there to serve to account. Being elected, at any level, is a huge responsibility and requires integrity, openness, objectivity and commitment at the very least. Strength, resilience and leadership also have to be part of the mix. Currently, however, we are experiencing chaos in many areas of our lives where others are making the decisions.

I know it is tempting to disengage and believe things can’t and won’t get better, whoever is in Government but you can’t roll up your sleeves and get stuck in if you are wringing your hands in despair. I have broad shoulders and my sleeves are already rolled up to get stuck in, on your behalf, so let’s do this together.

I hope you will make your views heard on 4 July whether by post or in person and help me to help you enjoy a better future.

Bracknell Constituency Map

Bracknell Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 70247


1 Binfield North & Warfield West

2 Binfield South & Jennett's Park

3 Bullbrook

4 Crowthorne

5 Easthampstead & Wildridings

6 Great Hollands

7 Hanworth

8 Harmans Water & Crown Wood

9 Owlsmoor & College Town

10 Priestwood & Garth

11 Sandhurst

12 Swinley Forest

13 Town Centre & The Parks

14 Whitegrove

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