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I am thrilled to be selected as Reform UK’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Birmingham Yardley.

I became a single mother shortly after the birth of my third child. Single and unsupported, I had to prioritise the care of my children, their development and education. I know what it is like to struggle “to make ends meet”.

In pursuit of greater financial stability, I undertook a three years part time course in accounting, attempting to further my career prospects.

The government institutions in the country where I grew up, Albania, exercise an extreme level of control over civil society and liberties. I am one of many who felt they had no choice other than to flee and seek safety, escaping the armed conflict, violence and serious public disorder there. I do not want to stand by and watch the UK potentially going down the same road.

I was a part-time care assistant with Springfield Care, before gaining a placement as an accounting administrator with ALB Ltd.

I then secured a job with my current employer, Barclays Bank as financial advisor in 2017.

I believe this Conservative government has badly mishandled Brexit, unnecessarily ruined the economy and damaged, particularly children’s mental health, with its repeated lockdowns policy.

It has clearly failed to control illegal migration, failed to “Stop The Boats”, compounding its disastrous financial management of the pandemic. Its obsessive pursuit of Net Zero policies, based on a false Climate Emergency, has led to the current Cost of Living crisis, and if allowed to continue, will lead to the export of our remaining manufacturing jobs abroad.  

I believe a central bank digital currency would provide our government with complete control over every aspect of our lives, and that no government can, or should, be trusted with this level of power.

The implications and consequences of Net Zero-related projects such as “15 minute cities”, have never been properly placed before the voting public for open debate.

The public has rightly lost confidence in the current government, and fears the prospect of the Labour government, which undoubtedly will escalate the current awful situation, into an even more disastrous one.

These are just a few of the reasons I joined Reform UK. Reform UK’s policies support rapid economic growth, and include common sense energy policies which will address the cost of living, and bring down high energy prices.

We will reform the NHS, education, policing, and scrap Net Zero.

Reform UK has a strong focus on individual rights, understands ordinary people's needs, and will genuinely reform our country.

This is the time to “fix the system”, we can no longer put off these badly needed changes.

I am standing in the General Election to represent the people of Northfield, Birmingham Yardley, but also to Save Britain, to ensure future generations enjoy the same civil liberties, the same educational and financial opportunities, the same quality of life which past generations have done in the UK.

Thank you,


Nora Kamberi

Birmingham Yardley Constituency Map

Birmingham Yardley Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 71912


1 Acocks Green

2 Sheldon

3 Small Heath

4 South Yardley

5 Tyseley & Hay Mills

6 Yardley East

7 Yardley West & Stechford

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