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Aiming to become a teacher, I'm currently studying Primary Education Studies at University College Birmingham, a 2 year accelerated course with work experience, in school settings and elsewhere. A new, active Christian, I am attending a church locally in Edgbaston - My partner and I were baptised there on the 4th of February 2024. Formerly politically homeless, I first heard about Reform at an Action Day in Birmingham.

I was shocked to hear a political party representing common sense values that the average Brit cares about - values like;

- Reinvigorating the British economy and making work pay by cutting regulations and taxes

- Slashing energy prices and reawakening British industry by making use of our vast energy resources

- Taking back control of our borders by turning away the boats and ending illegal immigration.

Immediately, I volunteered to help hand out leaflets. Doing this was eye-opening; Most people in Birmingham and Edgbaston are sick and tired of the way government is run.

Like myself, most people didn't even want to hear about politics because they assume that their voice won't be heard, their voice won't count.

At most, people begrudgingly vote for one of the two main parties - just to keep the other one out! All the while, crime skyrockets, communities break down, the cost of living becomes unbearable and councils go bankrupt. It doesn't have to be this way. We are blessed to live in a democracy, where all it takes for change is a majority of people to have hope, and vote for what they believe in.

A few months after first hearing about Reform, here I am. I truly want to represent the voice of the average Brit - Let's make Britain Great again!

Birmingham Edgbaston Constituency Map

Birmingham Edgbaston Constituency Map

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Electorate: 71354


1 Bartley Green

2 Edgbaston

3 Harborne

4 North Edgbaston

5 Quinton

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