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Edward Apostolides Beckenham and Penge Constituency Reform UK

Candidate - Edward Apostolides

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I am honoured to stand as a candidate for Reform UK in the constituency I have called home for nearly three decades. Beckenham & Penge is a vibrant and diverse community, encompassing residents from all walks of life. I am deeply committed to ensuring that every voice is heard - a right that has significantly diminished over the past two decades under successive Conservative and Labour governments.

Having experienced life as a single parent, small business owner, and taxpayer, I believe my background reflects the experiences of many in our community. This enables me to more realistically articulate the interests and concerns of the constituents I wish to represent.

The decline we have all witnessed is profoundly troubling. Unsustainable mass immigration, the economic strain caused by soaring taxes and the exorbitant rise in the cost of food, housing & energy bills. Declining public services with millions languishing on NHS waiting lists, in some cases for years not to mention the almost impossibility of getting a face to face with a GP, to the absurd wokeism that has infected our institutions including our Police, schools & universities.

On top of this we have the nonsensical blind charge towards a completely foolhardy and impossible to achieve net zero target. This will only serve to impoverish the most vulnerable in society and make our nation poorer and less productive.

The challenges we face are severe and urgent.

Politicians of the two main Party’s have proven over many, many decades to be arrogant, inept, out of touch, blatantly dishonest and ultimately dismissive of the wishes of the British public to be trusted any longer. In short I believe we have all been taken for fools for far too long and it’s about time we said enough!

Reform UK is the only Party to offer common sense policies based on the needs of the people rather than on ridiculous virtue signalling ideologies that have no meaning whatsoever to the vast majority of British citizens

Beckenham and Penge Constituency Map

Beckenham and Penge Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 76625


1 Beckenham Town & Copers Cope

2 Clock House

3 Crystal Palace & Anerley

4 Kelsey & Eden Park

5 Penge & Cator

6 Shortlands & Park Langley

7 West Wickham

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