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Dear Bath Reformers,

A brief introduction to who I am and how I got here.

The English side of my family has lived in Bath since the interwar years. Although I spent many summer holidays as a child in Bath, it was 1985 before I came to study and live long term. 

My studies culminated in a degree in Religious Studies and later a PGCE in Secondary Education. Most of my teaching happened in the inner city of Bristol, although I have experience of Bath schools as a supply teacher (Culverhey, St Mark and Hayesfield).

Both my sons still live in the city but I am one of the many who have become squeezed out for a number of reasons. 

Professionally, I have turned my hands to several ways of earning a living and have been self-employed for a much longer time that I was salaried. So, I have a wide experience of the world and know how to survive economically. 

My political career began when I won two landslide victories for two consecutive years as a classroom rep, age 14 and 15. Since then I have had a tendency of volunteering for unpleasant jobs that most shy away from. 

More recently, I became chocked with frustration at the state of affairs in this country and decided to do something about it. Yet again I volunteered, this time with Reform UK, who entrusted me with becoming Wiltshire Coordinator. A task I undertook with such enthusiasm that I was recently promoted to Sub Coordinator for the South West. 

I keenly watched as not one but two candidates applied for the PPC position in Bath only to see both stand down because of personal reasons. So, here I am! 

What Bath will get with me is an honest candidate, who actually loves the city and has both fond and clear memories over 6 decades of living here. I know the problems you face, nationally and locally. My dedication and hard work will show and I will do my best to never let you down. 

I have been around Bath long enough to say I have driven over Pultney Bridge!

Support me if you want representation that is beyond ideology, representation that will really take account of your needs and your opinions.

I'll be seeing you soon on the campaign and let's turn this city aqua blue!

Bath Constituency Map

Bath Constituency Map

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