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Stephen Conlay Basildon and Billericay Constituency

Candidate - Stephen Conlay

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Born in London and moving to Essex in the early 80’s and for the last 26 years living in Brentwood, Essex with my wife Lynne.

Having been in both retail and property for most of my working life. I am now semi-retired and have more time for my other passion, politics.

Witnessing the cultural change and substantial immigration over the last 27 years due to the new Labour government’s abolition of the “primary purpose rule” in June 1997 courtesy of Tony Blair. The Conservative continued this mass immigration, 5 million legal migrants over the last 5 years alone. Nothing will change under these governments. Just expect more of the same!

Why should you vote Reform UK?

Reform will:-

  • Stop the boats.
  • Remove us from the ECHR.
  • Stop net zero in its tracks.
  • Stop ULEZ.
  • Raise earnings threshold to £20,000.00;
    • Restoring £8billion taken from pensioners in the last conservative budget.
  • Stop paying QE interest to central banks;
    • No one else in Europe pays it. Saving £35billion per annum can be spent elsewhere preferably the NHS, reducing waiting times.
  • Legal immigration to be based on 1 in 1 out policy without families or dependants.

These are a few reasons for voting for Reform UK. The party with common sense.

What can we do for Basildon and Billericay?

I would like to ringfence the constituency in respect of:-

  • Local housing for local people first.
  • All new build rental stock to be offered to local people first no exceptions.
  • All new build property to be offered at a discounted rate minimum 5% to local people who wish to buy.
  • Prioritise law and order in the community. Help those in need, vulnerable older people and vulnerable young people.
  • Keep local people local!
  • Help out highstreets with cash incentives for local people to open new local businesses.

The good people of Basildon and Billericay deserve proper representation.

If you would like to make a change vote Reform UK or get involved and help our campaign.

Basildon and Billericay Constituency Map

Basildon and Billericay constituency map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 76993


1 Billericay East

2 Billericay West

3 Burstead

4 Crouch

5 Fryerns

6 Laindon Park

7 Lee Chapel North

8 St Martin's

9 Vange

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