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I have lived in Barnsley for over 10 years and love the area and its people. I live with my Fiancée and our cocker spaniel, Wesley, and I work in the fintech sector. I am also a Reform UK Ward Councillor. 

At a local level I work hard representing residents and helping wherever possible with their local issues. Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council has been under Labour control since formation and comes under intense scrutiny locally due to some of the decisions made and ambitious projects undertaken, including a town centre shopping arcade with an initial budget of £45m which has risen to over £220m, and what many residents describe as a 'vanity project' footbridge, budgeted at £3m and still unfinished, having consumed some £13m and still counting. All contributing to the £850m Council debt.

I have been politically active for as long as I can remember, until 18 months ago with the Conservative Party (after a short period as a member of The Brexit Party - now Reform UK).

Like many people though, I became disillusioned with the last decade of Government, and I have experienced a Labour Government at their worst. I also witnessed Labours shift to the extreme left under Jeremy Corby, supported in full by Kier Starmer.

I realised that I had become politically homeless, with neither of the main political parties offering common sense policies, credibility or demonstrating any care for communities or our Country. 

In my view, many people are working just to survive, depending on benefit top-ups to make ends meet. And I abhor the woke obsession that this country is cascading towards, driven by a tiny minority.

Freedom of speech is, in my view an essential element of our democracy, but we are constantly questioned over the use of 'inappropriate pronouns'. I worry where this may end up.

Freedom to live our lives has been eroded by the level of control that this Conservative Government imposes over us. The war against the motorist, ULEZ, forcing electric cars on people that either can’t afford them or, like Jeremy Clarkson, simply don’t want them. 

Unisex toilets, over 10m immigrants welcomed in the last 20 years with minimal improvements to roads, rail, schooling, NHS or defence. Our legal system close to collapse, prisons over capacity, net zero being forced upon us whilst developing countries belch out CO2 with scant regards for us sat in queues waiting for electric car charging points that aren’t compatible or simply don’t work.

I approached Reform UK after studying their policies and watching their rapid growth over the last few years. I met very senior level Reform UK people and liked what I heard. The party shares pretty much every view that I hold.  Switching to Reform UK was not a difficult decision, and I do not have a single regret.

People do say to me that a vote for Reform UK is a vote for Labour. In my opinion, the Conservatives are already set for many years in the wilderness regardless. And deservedly so for what they have done to our people and country.

What we need is a fresh approach, fresh ideas, and people in Westminster that are the genuine voice and representation of the people. An honourable position that the Labour Party betrayed and lost many years ago.

More than at any time in history, regardless of whoever is in Government, we need strong people opposing and challenging their tired and failed policies.

Many people also ask me what I could hope to achieve if elected with Reform UK in Barnsley South. Simply, I can be the biggest voice that Barnsley has ever had in Westminster. Unwhipped, holding any Government to account relating to local and national issues, I enjoy nothing more than helping people in any way that I am able, and challenging crazy ideas and policies.

A vote for me is a vote for Barnsley residents to finally have their say at the highest level.

Vote as you always have, expect more of the same. But don't complain. 

Barnsley South Constituency Map

Barnsley South Constituency Map

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