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Clive Peacock Barking Constituency Reform UK

Candidate - Clive Peacock

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It is an honour to be representing the Barking constituency.

I will work tirelessly for Barking and have a genuine interest in both the people and the area.

The strength of our nation lies in its youth who have been hamstrung by previous governments who have let them down in all aspects, affordable housing, apprenticeships and crippling University debt.

Our elderly don’t feel safe, valued or respected and in the latter years of their life are fleeced of their savings and their dignity by an unscrupulous care home system.

Reform UK policies reflect the views of millions who yearn for a balanced, fair and rewarding society, this is not being delivered and the current government are to blame.

I will strive for common sense policies, transparency, competence and accountability. I am an advocate for freedom of speech, protecting our individual liberties and championing our British values.

We need a re-set of British politics. First past the post makes it very difficult for new, challenging parties like ours, but the more people who vote for us and for change the more likely we are to achieve fair representation in parliament.

Let’s work together…let’s make Britain Great!

Barking Constituency Map

Barking Constituency Map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 71822


1 Abbey

2 Alibon

3 Barking Riverside

4 Becontree

5 Eastbury

6 Gascoigne

7 Goresbrook

8 Longbridge

9 Mayesbrook

10 Northbury

11 Parsloes

12 Thames View

13 Valence

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