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My name is Ian Hodgson, and I am honoured to serve as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Reform UK representing the Banbury constituency. Alongside my partner, I am a proud father to three sons and two stepdaughters, all in their twenties and thirties.

Throughout my career, which has primarily been in Manufacturing Industries, I have held various roles, starting as a Production Engineer in the late 1990s. Over time, I progressed to positions such as Manufacturing Director in 2004, General Manager in 2008, and most recently, an Operations Director. My experience spans across different Manufacturing sectors, including Electronics, Optronics, FMGC, and Pharmaceutical products.

My educational journey began with a BTEC in Electrical Engineering, followed by numerous courses with the Open University, leading to Graduate and Post Graduate qualifications, including a Post Graduate Diploma in Manufacturing Management and Technology.

I am deeply committed to community and ensuring opportunities for individuals to achieve their full potential. The current lack of opportunities troubles me, particularly as I reflect on my own educational journey and question whether similar pathways are accessible today. It is disheartening to witness significant skills gaps in industries alongside a considerable portion of the population facing barriers to career advancement or unemployment.

I advocate for enhanced training and educational opportunities for all, as well as innovative approaches to addressing the skills gap. Reform UK presents fresh ideas and the determination required to bridge this divide.

Recently, I encountered firsthand the state of NHS hospitals during my own health-related experience. The noticeable decline in cleanliness and maintenance compared to my previous visits 20 years ago raised concerns about the allocation of resources. Despite promises of investment, tangible improvements seem lacking. It is distressing to witness highly skilled NHS professionals leaving due to inadequate pay and conditions. Reform UK proposes tangible solutions, such as reducing income tax for frontline healthcare staff, to address these issues and drive meaningful change within the NHS.

Drawing from my experience as an Operations Director, where I am tasked with achieving annual budget savings through process efficiency and improvement initiatives, I advocate for a similar approach in government. Reform UK's commitment to eliminating wasteful spending and streamlining processes aligns with this vision for effective governance.

The sluggish pace of change and bureaucratic hurdles impeding progress have long puzzled me. Reform UK's commitment to decisive action and innovative problem-solving offers a refreshing alternative to the status quo. By fostering collaboration, honest communication, and courageous decision-making, we can unlock Britain's full potential.

I am deeply proud of Britain's heritage and its history of leadership and innovation. However, I recognise that there is untapped potential waiting to be realised. Reform UK's policies offer practical, common-sense solutions to address the challenges facing our nation.

In conclusion, I am honoured to represent Reform UK as the Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Banbury constituency. With our ambition and courage, I believe we can enact the necessary changes to propel our country forward.

Banbury Constituency Map

Banbury Constituency Map

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Electorate: 69943


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