Another Landmark for Reform UK & News from Richard Tice

Last week we passed a huge landmark. We hit 10% in a key UK general election poll. That saw us climb to 3rd place and put real pressure on Sunak’s Tories. We also hit 12% in Wales for the first time, overtaking Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats. The only other party in history to grow so fast was our forerunner, the Brexit Party.


This is a huge achievement. It means we are now a Westminster powerbroker. Our message is getting real traction and it couldn’t come at a better time. With by-elections coming up and the London Mayoral and assembly elections next year, we are ready for a political breakthrough.


It’s no surprise either. Immigration is out of control. Taxes at record highs. Our public services are failing and mortgage costs are soaring. Millions of people realise they have been utterly betrayed by this Tory government.


Party Leader Richard Tice continues to stand up for them. He was on barnstorming form in the Daily Telegraph today. Laying out how the old mainstream parties have broken Britain. He also explains how the coming backlash could make Brexit look small by comparison.