Alyn and Deeside Constituency

Vicki Roskams Alyn and Deeside Constituency

Candidate - Vicky Roskams

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Vicki is a passionate advocate for Wales and its vibrant community, guided by a profound sense of duty to enhance the well-being of its residents. Her distinguished career reflects an unwavering commitment to both community service and a rich tapestry of experiences within the commercial industry, uniquely equipping her to address the multifaceted challenges confronting Wales today.

For the last few decades, she has not only founded and run a couple of award-winning small businesses in Flintshire but also funneled a high amount of profits back into the community through a Foundation, trying to support those most at risk to gain confidence and skills to promote better wellbeing and growth from the ground up to face many of the social demographic concerns delivered through a failing political system over the past few decades.

Familiar with the immense pressures of what Welsh and UK businesses are up against – high taxes, too much regulation, intense competition, and inflation, as well as ridiculous laws from both UK and recent Welsh Government rulings which drive tourism and business off our high streets, she is willing to tackle these issues head-on.

The past 3 decades of both Tory and Labour rule have benefited the few at the expense of the nation and proved their economic inability, alongside being overcompensated by a public service that is past its sell-by date, and people in jobs who are not qualified.

I voted for Brexit because I believe in the British people built from all cultures, and self-governance. I am proud of our British heritage “A nation that forgets its past has no future.” – Winston Churchill.  

I believe that democracy is the only way to govern this great country to level the playing field and allow people from all backgrounds a voice in their and future generations' expectations.

I also believe in fair trade and opening our commerce negotiations to other countries rather than being tied to an unfavorable contract with the EU and allowing pathways to brand new marketplaces for British Businesses to Thrive and not just survive, and to share Knowledge and Experience.

Britain should not be involved in endless foreign wars and our armed forces should focus firstly on defending Britain and its interests, and the security of its troops. But the government must also take responsibility for its veterans, serving officers, and their extended families, and prioritise them in these times of need over the strangers coming in droves onto our shores being given shelter.

We can regain our place in the world through good leadership, effective business practices, and entrepreneurial creativity, as well as empowering others and mentorship, as we rise by lifting others.

If you trust me with your vote, I will make it my mission to put your values and concerns first and give a voice back to you the people, who sometimes feel they are forgotten and overlooked by the bigger parties with fixed national agendas and will always seek to represent your interests over any external concern or pressure group as I have done through the history of my work.

As most of you who know me from the area, I will not bow down to peer pressure, and not afraid to stand up to what I deem injustice, and will always follow my values, and the concerns of the community, hence the label most of the time as a disrupter, I will ask the difficult questions, and try to gain the answers you deserve.

I am a dream big thinker with a fire in the belly, and a drive for credible social business excellence to return commercial results for the region, and I am ready to serve the people of Alyn and Deeside, by putting them first.

Alyn and Deeside Constituency Map

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Alyn and Deeside constituency map

Constituency Information

Electorate: 73,972


1 Aston

2 Ewloe

3 Broughton South

4 Broughton North East

5 Higher Kinnerton

6 Hope

7 Llanfynydd

8 Treuddyn

9 Buckley Bistre East

10 Buckley Bistre West

11 Buckley Mountain

12 Buckley Pentrobin

13 Caergwrle

14 Connah's Quay Central

15 Connah's Quay Golftyn

16 Connah's Quay South

17 Connah's Quay Wepre

18 Hawarden

19 Mancot

20 Penyffordd

21 Queensferry

22 Sealand

23 Saltney Mold junction

24 Saltney Stonebridge

25 Shotton East

26 Shotton Higher

27 Shotton West

28 Flint Castle

29 Flint Coleshill

30 Flint Trelawny

31 Flint Oakenholt

32 Bagilt East

33 Bagilt West

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